Your Golf Professional at The Club at Las Campanas Has Sent You the Following Update

We hope your summer is off to a fantastic start. The Golf Committee met this past Friday and I wanted to pass along an update on a few items:

1.  The final shipment of the Pro-Angle sand is here and as of today all of the bunkers on Sunset at Las Campanas have been filled. The sands color, consistency and playability have been met with very high marks. Equally as impressive was that after this past week’s monsoon/wash out, the bunkers on Sunset at Las Campanas held their integrity without a single one having any issue. By contrast, it took a team of 10 staff members the entire day to re-build the Sunrise bunkers at Las Campanas after the washout.

2.  The green on #12 Sunset is coming along nicely, it too looks fantastic. With continued cooperation from the weather it could open mid August, we’ll keep you posted.

3.  The Las Campanas agronomy team has been and will continue to supplement the sand on the Sunrise course in an effort to increase the playability of those bunkers.

4.  The Las Campanas Golf Committee discussed the posting of scores, and handicaps for players participating in the Club at Las Campanas events. The Committee agreed that players should post their scores every time they play a round of golf and that the golf team should monitor this closely. The professional staff will be looking into options for a more broad policy that covers tournament play.

5.  We wanted to remind all Las Campanas members that non golfing traffic on the courses is limited to 90 minutes after sunrise and 90 minutes prior to sunset. In addition, walkers must remain on the paths at all times.

6.  As the season winds down, we strongly encourage you to participate in the Las Campanas Member-Guest events, The Belle and The Showdown. Both go a long way to enhancing the camaraderie of the membership and momentum of the Club at Las Campanas. They are highlights of the year for the many Las Campanas members who do play and are planned with great energy and enthusiasm.

7.  The Las Campanas Agronomy team will be leveling a portion of the rear range tee in the coming weeks. We expect minimal interruption to play.

If there is anything we can do to make your experience here at the Club at Las Campanas more enjoyable please let me know. I look forward to seeing you at The Club soon.

With best wishes,

Jason Epstein, PGA
Director of Golf Operations