Strategic Planning Retreat for Las Campanas

October 29, 2010- Earlier this week , the Las Campanas Club Board held its first strategic planning retreat.
Because the first priority was to have the Board Retreat informed by Las Campanas member input, Sunday evening began with reviewing the results of the Las Campanas member survey and focus groups.  Over the next two days, each Committee Chair presented a detailed report of the trends, issues and priorities for the coming year in that particular department.  This information was then carefully reviewed to develop underlying strategic priorities for the future.
The result of that work was to agree on the top four Board objectives for 2011. 
These objectives, along with a number of other less critical priorities, will now be developed further into specific goals, plans, and actions for the next several years.  These will then be used to guide the Board’s decisions for the Club’s 2011 budget at Las Campanas. 
A Town Hall meeting to share this work with the Las Campanas members will be scheduled between Christmas and New Year.  This timing is designed to coincide with when the most non-resident members are on-property during the off season.  One of the specific topics that will be discussed during that meeting will be the 2011 budget for Las Campanas.