Santa Fe Properties wins “Best of Santa Fe”

1st Place Winner – “Best Real Estate Agency in Santa Fe”

Santa Fe Reporter Best of Santa Fe

Liz Cale, Qualifying Broker

Best Local Real Estate Agency

1 Santa Fe Properties
1000 Paseo de Peralta,
320 Paseo de Peralta
The real estate industry can be some tricky business, and is just as topsy turvy and liable to drastic change as weather in the monsoon season. But Santa Fe Properties is a mighty ship of a real estate agency that is willing to weather the stormy seas to come out into the sun. Santa Fe is a desirable area and a community with positive press. Having faith in it is one big reason for our success, qualifying broker Liz Cale says. The company will be keeping the faith for a while and is looking to the horizon for the real estate market here. There will be positive equity increase here over the next 10 years. We are excited to continue to be ambassadors of Santa Fe to the outside community, Cale says. It is more than just showing houses. You need to sell the town.

The friendly folk over at Santa Fe Properties will not take all the credit for their success though…they want the public to know that the best thing about their jobs is that the town sells itself.
2. Sothebys International Realty, 231 Washington Ave., 988-8088
3. Santa Fe Realty Partners, 417 E. Palace Ave., 982-6207