Santa Fe: Making a Comeback as Second Home Market

According to a recent article in Unique Homes, resort and retirement homes which are more about fulfilling a dream or passion and having a place that is irresistible to the whole family. Santa Fe, which it says “boasts the country’s second largest art market after New York, has all the requisite features of a rising luxury star, including strong roots as a regional second-home distination and a lifestyle that appeals to a huge range of buyers from mouintain bikers to opera fanatics.” The article goes on to extoll the virtues of Santa Fe for it’s ability to deliver the amenites of a large city in a town of 70,000. And as for real estate values, “what cost $2 to $3 millions in Santa Fe easily could fetch $10 million and up in many other resort areas.” Acitivity is increasing, particularly in the traditional feeder markets of Texas, Oklahoma and New York and “people are beginning to think that they have to buy new.”