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Rates ended close to last week’s rates, although there was some hiccupping, with a few borrowers taking advantage of a quick rate drop.  But the Dow Jones is again over 13,000 – enticing investors to seek greater profits and perhaps more risk, than to invest in the bond market.  There could be slightly upward pressure on rates this week. In the meantime, we have noticed a slight ease-up with some underwriting requirements – like asking for only 1 year’s W-2’s (and current paystubs) for salaried employees.  With self-employed borrowers – with high credit scores and strong assets –many times the requirement is for only last year’s tax returns.  Asset statements are still needed, and all large deposits still need to be explained, but sometimes asset statement requirements are for only ONE month.  We look forward to discussing your scenarios or discussing rates and programs, and want to be your lender of choice.ANASAZI MORTGAGE RATESFOR Primary Residence (purchase only)As of 04/17/2012
Mortgages to $417,000 (Conforming)
 w/ 1 PointAPRw/ no PointAPR
Mortgages  $417,001 – $1,500,000 **
 w/ 1 PointAPRw/ no PointAPR

3/1 ARM – 30-YR
 w/ 1 PointAPRw/ no PointAPR
5/1 ARM – 30-YR
 w/ 1 PointAPRw/ no PointAPR

7/1 ARM – 30-YR
w/ 1 PointAPRw/ no PointAPR
Conforming2.50%4.050%3.25% 4.592%
Mortgages in excess of $1,500,000, other ARM Products & Interest Only programs are also available – Please call for Quotes.

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