Santa Fe Las Campanas- Telecommunications Construction Project


Kelly Utility Field Services a utility excavation contracting firm will be constructing a Telecommunications project in the community of Las Campanas. CenturyLink the local exchange carrier is committed to the investment of upgrading the telecommunications infrastructure in your community. The project will essentially provide two benefits in order to continue to protect the integrity of existing cabling systems CenturyLink is investing in over 3 miles of pneumatic carrier pipe that will provide stable air pressure into cabling systems to insure moisture barriers are enhanced. Implementing this will further secure primary service to residents and create an added security benefit with alarming and monitoring. Additionally the other segment of this project will be to extend fiber optic infrastructure to the Los Suenos distribution point enhancing the bandwidth availability throughout this network distribution area.

Project scope will involve technicians placing cabling in existing conduit infrastructure. Community impact will be limited to traffic diversions lane mergers along Las Campanas Drive starting near the intersection of Los Suenos Trail proceeding eastward towards the intersection of Wildhorse. Existing infrastructure traverses through the center of the road. A single element of construction will require a street cut, excavation and penetration into the existing vault on Los Suenos trail trenching southward to existing telecom site near mail boxes. We estimate the length of project will not be more than 10 working days. The project will begin on October 1st concluding on or before the 12th. Southwest Safety will be providing all traffic control mechanisms. We ask that residents please observe all speed reductions. Safety of residents, pedestrians and employees is of the upmost priority. Thank you for your cooperation and please if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact one of the three people listed below. We look forward to being a part of the telecommunications upgrade.


Thank you for your cooperation,


Greg K Jaramillo- (Kelly Utility Field Services) 505-377-0499