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Did you know that, when you or your clients make application for a new home loan, car loan or even inquire about such services, that the potential lender generates a credit inquiry (usually to three credit bureaus)?  The credit bureaus each then prepare “HOT LEAD LISTS”, and sell them to whoever wants to buy the list, breaking down the information geographically, even specific to zip code and/or street, age, income bracket, etc., etc.

  Although your home-buying clients are usually given the choice at closing to be excluded from future marketing efforts, the credit bureaus have ALREADY sold their information.  Unfortunately, that information isn’t always compared to the “DO NOT CALL” lists, and potential borrowers get pummeled with telemarketing calls specific to what type of credit for which they’ve just applied.  There seems to be a new way to prevent these solitictations:  There is a site “”, with which if you register, you will supposedly be excluded from the “HOT LEAD LISTS” of EquiFax, Experian, TransUnion and Innovis within 5 business days, and excluded for 5 years.  This registration seems to work  better than  the “” site.  The idea is to activate your registration EARLY so that when credit is accessed, the credit bureaus don’t have a 5-day lead time to sell your data. 

 ANASAZI MORTGAGE RATESFOR Primary Residence (purchase only)As of 09/17/2012
Mortgages to $417,000 (Conforming)
 w/ 1 PointAPRw/ no PointAPR
Mortgages  $417,001 – $1,500,000
 w/ 1 PointAPRw/ no PointAPR

3/1 ARM – 30-YR
 w/ 1 PointAPRw/ no PointAPR
5/1 ARM – 30-YR
 w/ 1 PointAPRw/ no PointAPR

7/1 ARM – 30-YR
w/ 1 PointAPRw/ no PointAPR
Conforming2.375%3.991%2.75% 4.350%
Mortgages in excess of $1,500,000, other ARM Products & Interest Only programs are also available – Please call for Quotes.

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