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This is Oct 15, 2012 – the VERY last day that procrastinators have to file their personal 2011 tax returns.  If your buyers are under contract, and if the loan is not FULLY approved, you may want to check with their lender to MAKE SURE that the 4506-T requirement has been met.  Most lenders will not close until they have received proof of the 2011 tax returns being filed AND accepted by the IRS.  Some lenders will REQUIRE that the 4506 transcripts be received by the lender.  Some lenders delay ordering the transcripts until the loan is otherwise in full approval status, so your borrower may not be aware of an issue until just prior to closing. In any case, if your borrower waited until TODAY to file, you may experience a delay of the closing.  Transcripts are generally NOT available for 4 – 8 weeks after the filing of the tax returns.  You and your borrowers’ understanding (and management) of this underwriting piece may save you some undue stress as the closing date approaches. We look forward to discussing rates, programs, and loan scenarios.  We’ll answer questions for either your BUYERS or SELLERS.  Please feel free to call for any clarifications and/or analyses.   ANASAZI MORTGAGE RATESFOR Primary Residence (purchase only)As of 10/15/2012
Mortgages to $417,000 (Conforming)
 w/ 1 PointAPRw/ no PointAPR
Mortgages  $417,001 – $1,500,000
 w/ 1 PointAPRw/ no PointAPR

 Mortgages in excess of $1,500,000, ARM Products & Interest Only programs are also available – Please call for Quotes.

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