Santa Fe Las Campanas Golf Update

Your golf professional at The Club at Las Campanas has sent the following message for Las Campanas Golf members:

Dear Golf Members,

As some of you may be aware, The Club at Las Campanas has recently reached out to the Nicklaus Design Company to assist us with evaluating the conditions of our two courses, the Practice Park and surroundings. As a part of this process, this past Wednesday, we hosted their Lead Agronomist Jon Scott for a two day visit. In addition to his long term relationship with Jack Nicklaus, Mr. Scott has also served as Chief Agronomist for the PGA Tour. Mr. Scott spent both days on the courses with Tom Egelhoff focusing on the turf conditions, playing surfaces, maintenance challenges, bunker conditions and general upkeep. He will provide us with a comprehensive report detailing agronomy related areas that we will need to consider addressing in the next few years.  Mr. Scott met with our management team, the Golf Committee and several Board Members both prior to and after his two day visit to share his thoughts. It was informative and we look forward to sharing his report when available.

We are pleased to report that we have finalized arrangements for Jack Nicklaus to visit The Club June 8thand 9th . This is certainly exciting news, and will provide the necessary guidance to ensure that his vision for the courses and surroundings are carried forward in the years ahead in all areas. The Golf Committee has formulated a scope of work for Jack and his team and we wanted to share this with everyone. His visit will not be limited to these items but they were areas we felt needed to be included:

1)      Several issues that are a source of steady member feedback, specifically;

  1. Turf reduction
  2. Changes to landscaping including gravel areas
  3. Hole #16 Sunset design
  4. Hole #12 Sunset – green complex and the movement of the old green
  5. Bunkers – both condition and playability including sand condition

2)      Thoughts on the practice area and how to maximize use of available space 3)      Mr. Nicklaus’s thoughts/views on whether the course has held up to his original vision and any changes we ought to consider. 4)      Greens, Fairways, Roughs and Tees; specifically their condition, playability, and outlook going forward 5)      Maintenance and playability of the arroyos 6)      An outline of what a 10/20 year plan might contain

The agenda above has not been finalized and we welcome any feedback you have, or areas you feel should be considered that are not mentioned above.

Please note that we are planning a social function with Jack for the evening of June 8th and look forward to sharing these details with you as soon as possible.

With best wishes,

Jason Epstein, PGA Director of Golf

Tom Egelhoff, CGSAA Director of Agronomy

Mark Silbert, Chair Golf Committee