Are You Hosting a Special Event At Las Campanas During the Holidays?

For convenient gate acess for your guests at Las Campanas, please call Martha at  the Las Campanas Homeowners Assoc(505) 820-7220 to obtain a temporary access code you can give to your guests prior to the date of your function.   Guests can drive up to the  Las Campanas gate and enter the temporary four-digit code and the gate will open.  With the temporary code, your guests will not need to call you for access upon arrival. 

Remember, the Las Campanas gate house officer is not authorized to open a gate when a guest or service company is calling from a gate call box, requesting access. 

Providing your guests with the code prior to the event makes it easy and convenient for guests entering through the Las Campanas gate.  Call Martha at least 48 hours prior to your function so that she can enter the code at the appropriate gate.  The temporary code will automatically be deleted from the system the day following your function.