Notes From The Las Campanas Board

August, 2012
I’d like to thank all the members who attended the Water Update and/or the Las Campanas Board Meeting this week.

The Water Update, led by Water Issues Committee Chair Mark Silbert, drew a large crowd and provided a very thorough update on golf course water. A copy of the Power Point presentation Mark used will posted on the website under the “Resources” tab on the home page.

I’m pleased to provide you with the following highlights from the Board meeting.
• Club operations are still performing $200,000 better than budget.
• The month of July ended with 400 full-dues members and 308 half-dues members (full dues equivalent: 554).  In January of this year we had 404 full-dues members and 298 half-dues members (full dues equivalent: 553).
• The Equestrian Director position has been filled.  Thom Pollard will be joining us in September and brings an extensive equestrian background, including being an accomplished show rider and an internationally recognized judge.
• Repairs to Lake 18 will begin in mid-September and we’ll be looking at the feasibility of completing repairs to Lake 4 this year, as well.
• Repairs to tennis courts 3 & 4 will begin in early September.
• A Dining Room Manager, Andrea Abedi, has been hired to replace Tim Robinson.   She will begin after Labor Day.
     o The Mixed Grill will continue to be open on Tuesday nights through September.
     o Monday Night at the Log Cabin will continue into September and be evaluated as we go.
• By the third week of September a comprehensive survey will be sent to all members.  Your participation is needed and strongly encouraged.
• The 2013 budget process has started and will proceed as follows: 
     o First draft completed by September 25
     o Presented to the Finance Committee on October 9
     o Revisions made and presented to the Finance Committee by November 5
     o Presented to the Board on November 12
• There have been no assumptions made on dues increases.  Our goal is a break-even operating budget which includes further improvements in all areas of your Club.  All department budgets will be developed prior to determining what level of dues is required to achieve our stated goal.
• Many passionate opinions were expressed during the Q&A portion of the Open Session of the meeting.  During the closed session of the meeting, ways to address members’ concerns were discussed in-depth.  The Board recognizes that clear communication must be a priority and, to that end, will endeavor to provide full explanations of any future policy decisions.
     o Currently the quarterly financial reports and membership statistics are available on the Members’ Website, as are the dates of all Board meetings, Minutes of past Open Session Board meeting, Club Strategic Plans, the Annual Member Meeting Presentation, and Club governing documents.  We will soon have the water presentation from Monday’s meeting posted, as well. 
     o It was apparent that many Las Campanas members are not aware of these resources and I wanted to remind you of their availability.
• During the past month Board Member Greg Flanagan resigned his position.  Doug Hailey has been appointed to fill the vacant Board seat.
     o Mr. Hailey is the Managing Member of Taglich Private Equity, LLC, and a Director of the Investment Banking Division of Taglich Brothers, Inc.  He also serves on the boards of two public companies and four private companies. He is a former board member, and Treasurer, of The Country Club of Vermont, where he is still a member. Mr. Hailey and his wife, Deana, split their time between Vermont and Santa Fe and are the proud parents of Parker, age 10; Sarah, age 6; and, Brooke, age 4.
• The Las Campanas lightning alarm policy was discussed.  Mr. Loan confirmed to the Board that our system is set to alert when lightning is detected within five miles, which is the least restrictive setting available.   All golfers are required to leave the course immediately once alerted by the alarm. Our insurance carrier has confirmed that our current policy is a best practice that should be maintained without exception.
     o Mr. Loan stated that members have questioned the requirement of vacating the Las Campanas indoor pool when the lightning alarm sounds and the carrier confirmed that this is also best practice which should be maintained.
• In response to a question from a member, Las Campanas Club Management does not support opening nine holes on Sunrise on Mondays for the remainder of the year.  Our current staffing levels would make this very difficult at this time.  The policy will be reviewed prior to our 2013 season.
• The Las Campanas Family Committee is looking at ways to enhance the member experience for younger families.
It is truly gratifying to see how committed our members are to this Club.  I want you to know that your elected Las Campanas Board will always keep the health and best interests of our Club foremost in mind.  We look forward to your continued feedback.  Our next Board meeting is scheduled for September 24 at 1 p.m. in the Event Room at the Las Campanas Clubhouse.   In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at the Club!
Sam Haas
President of the Las Campanas Board