Notes from the Las Campanas Board | February 1, 2012



Meeting of January 21, 2012

Open Session:

General Manager of Las Campanas, David Loan, and Board Member Doug Hailey gave an extensive presentation on last fall’s Member Survey in the Open Session of the Board Meeting, the presentation is posted on The Club website under the “Resources” tab (and “Meeting Presentations” sub-tab).

General Manager David Loan also gave his customary State of the Club Report (similarly posted on the website).

It was announced in Open Session that both of the bylaw amendments had passed overwhelmingly.

Director of Membership Development Britt Gladu also announced that she had brought on board ten new members since the last Board Meeting (five golf and five social), and there had been no resignations. It is important to note that this was achieved even without being able to offer Junior Memberships because the results of the bylaw votes were not known yet.

In the Closed Session the following actions were taken:

The results of the votes on the bylaws were formally accepted and the Board reaffirmed the amendments.

Changes to the Membership Rules and Policies document were adopted which included modifications necessary to implement the new membership initiatives, including those that were the subject of the bylaw amendments, and certain changes to the Board Policy Manual were also adopted.  Both revised documents will be available on The Club website under the “Resources” tab (and “Club Governing Documents” sub-tab).

The Board approved a proposal to build a golf teaching facility graciously donated by a golf member; a separate announcement on this subject has been made and so won’t be repeated here.

The Board also elected Joe Colvin to serve as Vice President; a separate announcement has been made on this subject as well.


Sam Haas
President of the Board