Notes From The Board at Las Campanas

Notes from the Board is designed to provide members of The Club at Las Campanas with important information about the Board’s progress, just days after Board meetings. Minutes from each Board meeting will continue to be posted on the member website, but are subject to a one-month delay due to the review process. The Board has decided to launch this latest communications vehicle to keep all members informed about significant Club matters in a much more timely fashion.
The Search Committee has received Board approval regarding the General Manager selection, and has been authorized to undertake final negotiations.
An announcement will be sent to the membership about the General Manager appointment next week.
Progress in the selection for a new Working Executive Chef is progressing nicely. The House Committee helped assess finalists in a tasting interview and an announcement about the appointment will be sent in the coming days.
The Board has voted to allow the Santa Fe Concorso to hold their major fundraising event at The Club on September 28-30, 2012. The Santa Fe Concorso is the Southwest’s premiere auto gathering charity event showcasing exotic and rare cars to raise funds to benefit the youth of Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. The Concorso celebrates unique and classic vehicles from the past, some valued at nearly a million dollars. This is also an opportunity for The Club to share its hospitality with the Santa Fe community at large.
During the Q&A portion of the Open Session, a member inquired as to why a moratorium was placed on the step-down membership program. As explained, the step-down program was implemented 18 months ago to allow for a realignment of one’s membership. The Board studied the financial impact of the step-down program and concluded that the most financially sound action for the health of The Club was to stop the step-down program for the foreseeable future.
On the recommendation of the Membership Committee, the Board has approved the addition of a staff person to assist Pam Franco in prospect outreach. The area of focus for this new position will be the development and follow-up of prospects, leading to enhanced member acquisition. We continue to target new buyers within, and in the vicinity of, Las Campanas. As always, member-referrals remain our number one source of qualified member prospects.
The Board has approved keeping the food minimum fixed for 2012. It remains at $600 for the 12-month period ending March 31, 2013.
Phil George
Board President