New Las Campanas Clubhouse Manager

The Club at Las Campanas

September 11, 2011

 Jim Muldowney,General Manager at Las Campanas, is pleased to announce that we have retained a very qualified and well-experienced food service and catering consultant to serve on an interim basis as our Clubhouse Manager at Las Campanas. Kim Crandal previously held a similar position for more than 10 years at Exmoor Country Club, one of the leading private clubs in suburban Chicago. She currently is Executive Director at Palm Springs Desert Resorts Restaurant Association, and is a respected consultant in the hospitality industry. Kim has considerable experience in day-to-day food and beverage operations, as well as in the planning and execution of special events.
Kim will join us this week at Las Campanas and will assist us in evaluating our catering and food/beverage operations. As part of her interim role, she also will help us determine the best approach to managing Las Campanas Clubhouse activities following the departure of Matt Branca. I think she will be a solid complement our already top-notch food and beverage team.
Reporting to Kim will be Brian Bargsten, Katie Rael, Tim Robinson, Annie Daly and Deborah Fahie. Kim will report to Bruce Ross.
Please join Jim Muldowney in welcoming Kim to The Club at Las Campanas.