New External Website For Las Campanas

April 27, 2011
The new external website for Las Campanas mentioned in an earlier update has now been launched and already is attracting renewed interest. It’s a fresh and vibrant design with attractive graphics, and features the latest in navigation systems to make it easy to highlight the Club at Las Campanas’ many amenities.  It also incorporates the latest search engine optimization capabilities to help build awareness of The Club at Las Campanas – not only for those specifically looking for information on the Club at Las Campanas, but also for anyone searching for golf, tennis, equestrian or fitness in New Mexico or Santa Fe. Our new site also highlights the many attractions in Santa Fe, which should be a useful feature for those not familiar with our area.
We’ll continue to improve this website as we upgrade our photo library and add more detailed descriptions of our various amenities. Please take a minute to view the site and also encourage your out-of-town friends to visit it.  We think it will be a great way to introduce more people to The Club at Las Campanas.  The external website address is
If you missed the two-page article on the Club at Las Campanas in the current issue of Executive Golfer, you can access it on this new website. Click onto “Club Amenities,” then “Golf.” The link to the article is at the bottom-right of the screen, under the photo of the young golfer. There’ll be another two-page feature on us in the next issue of that magazine.  We’ll keep you posted.