Mortgage Rates Plus a Site For Gift Giving Procrastinators

The markets are bouncing around a lot today, and interest rates have improved over last Friday’s pricing, but rates still quite above last Monday’s pricing in all categories.  The unknown in the market right now is whether or not the Bush era tax-cuts, as well as the emergency unemployment benefit programs, will be preserved.  These extensions will create a spike in the already record high of the national debt load.  However, if investors don’t feel that the market has properly priced in these measures, watch for a continued upward spiral of mortgage interest rates.  So, the wildcard is still face down on the table, but much in play, as to whether rates will continue to rise.  Be VERY, VERY cautious with advising buyers to float their rate at this time.
Just another holiday hint (if you needed any) which is totally non-mortgage related, but may stimulate pleasure and imagination.  CNBC has a site for gift-giving procrastinators:   This site has some great gifting ideas for throughout the year – not just the current holiday season.  Enjoy this and the rest of the holidays !! By Ginger Sullivan at Anasazi Mortgage. Phone 505-995-8888 and toll free 800-995-8888