Message From the Las Campanas General Manager to Las Campanas Members

Four and a half years ago, I could never have imagined leaving what was a virtual paradise, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Especially when I managed one of the country’s preeminent clubs: Long Cove Club. When the General Manager / COO position at The Club at Las Campanas came across my desk I knew it was a rare opportunity worthy of consideration. After speaking with Jim Muldowney and researching The Club at Las Campanas and the Santa Fe area, I decided to submit my name for consideration. My interest increased when I met (via Skype) members of the Search Committee at Las Campanas and immediately felt a connection. I knew that my years of experience at some of the best clubs in Canada and the U.S., along with my management philosophy, were a perfect fit. When my wife, Patti, and I flew to Santa Fe to meet the Las Campanas Board and Search Committee, our feelings were affirmed—The Club at Las Campanas was where we should be. Needless to say, both Patti and I are beyond excited to be here.

My first days at The Club at Las Campanas have been quite busy; getting acquainted with the staff and becoming acclimated to club operations. My primary operational goal is to strive to offer the best club product possible, which will involve systematic planning and constant analysis. With our infrastructure in place and the strong resolve of both staff and membership, I’m confident that this goal will become a reality.

The genesis of a successful operation is fiscal development, which will be my focus in the coming months as we head into the next budget cycle. Currently, a five-year capital plan is under development—and the intention is to quickly expand it into a 10-year plan. The capital plan is a roadmap that helps us develop our budget. Further, it enables us to create a fiscally responsible approach in order to achieve our goal of becoming one of the top clubs in the nation.

My management philosophy is one of involvement, while allowing the capable team of Las Campanas Directors the latitude to do what they do best. I will be visible and supportive of both the staff and Board. I believe strongly in communication—between myself, the Board, the staff and the membership. Together we will collectively create and nurture the culture of a premier club.

Speaking of the Directors (many of whom are relatively new to The Club at Las Campanas themselves), I am genuinely excited to work with such dynamic, high energy professionals who bring fresh ideas to the table. In addition, The Board of Directors is comprised of individuals with exceptional qualifications and obvious commitment in taking The Club at Las Campanas to the next level. Together, we have a shared vision of greatness for The Club at Las Campanas.

The future of The Club at Las Campanas is bright. Membership development continues to be essential, and I, along with the Board and staff, am committed to working diligently to expand membership numbers. In this way, we can develop into the club we all envision The Club at Las Campanas to be.

 Again, I am thrilled to be here and welcome the opportunity to meet each of you.

See you at The Club soon.
David Loan, CCM
General Manager / COO