Market Rates At A Glance for Las Campanas Santa Fe

Both Standard & Poors and the Moody’s rating agencies are questioning the U.S. AAA credit rating, and have essentially given the US government a 2-year deadline to get the US’s financial  house in order.  This means the U.S. government must make substantial reductions in its deficit spending, or face a drop in its credit quality rating.  This is similar to having a borrower’s credit score drop from the high 700’s to the high 600’s.  It costs more to borrow when your credit score is lower.  This would happen to US Securities.  A drop in credit quality would push the cost of government debt significantly higher, and as a result push mortgage rates higher.  Congress has a mandate to resolve our budget issues, rather than getting caught up in political posturing and bickering.
Quick Reminder (as if anyone could forget):  Today is the deadline for tax filing.  If you aren’t planning to file your taxes today, you need to make sure you file for an automatic extension of time to file (Form 4868), and pay estimated taxes you believe are due.
We appreciate your questions on rates, market influences and scenarios, and look forward to serving you and your customers.ANASAZI MORTGAGE RATES
FOR Primary Residence (purchase only)
As of 04/18/2011
Mortgages to $417,000
 w/ 1 PointAPRw/ no PointAPR
Mortgages  $417,001 – $600,000
 w/ 1 PointAPRw/ no PointAPR
Mortgages  $600,001 – $700,000
 w/ 1 PointAPRw/ no PointAPR
Mortgages  $600,001 – $1,500,000
 w/ 1 PointAPRw/ no PointAPR
Mortgages in excess of $1,500,000, ARM (Adjustable Rates Mortgage) & Interest Only programs are also available – Please call for Quotes.
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