All the details:On Monday September 6, 2010 (Labor Day), the Las Campanas Spa and Tennis Center will be hosting their annual Men’s and Women’s Triathlon.  The event will begin at approximately 8:30 a.m. and will be a bike, swim and walk/run event.

The bike will be the first event.  Bikers will leave the Spa parking lot and travel SW on Clubhouse Dr. to Las Campanas Drive.  They will proceed West around the Las Campanas property to Camino La Tierra.  They will loop back under the rock Bridge to Las Campanas Drive, to Clubhouse Drive and return to the Spa.  The swim will be the second event. That event will be held at the Spa.  The walk/run will be the third and final event.  The walkers/runners will leave the Spa parking lot and will proceed down the right hand side of the right lane of Clubhouse Drive (cones will be placed on the roadway to move traffic to the left).  They will then proceed onto W. Golden Eagle and right onto Green Meadow Loop, back to W. Golden Eagle to Amberwood Loop where they will turn around and proceed back on W. Golden Eagle, to Clubhouse Drive and return to the Spa.

Security Officers will handle traffic control as they leave and return to the Spa, as well as, lead and tail the bike and walk/run routes.  The on-duty Medic will also provide assistance as necessary and be available for any medical emergency.

Gatehouse personnel will ensure the exit gate is open until all bikers have passed.  Ensure the member gate be open on the return until all bikers have passed.  Also, W. Golden Eagle gate at Clubhouse Drive will be open for the walk/run portion of the event.