Las Campanas Santa Fe To Host A USGA Event In Sept 2017

Las Campanas Members- David Letterman Still Will Not Be With Us.  So What?

But Here Are The Top Ten Reasons You Should Come to Our USGA Kick-off Party!
Number 10.  It happens March 15 at 5pm when nobody’s doing anything anyway.

Number 9.  You know and we know that you need to get out of the house more.

Number 8.  The summer crowd at the Club is out of town, so you can actually get
a drink without risking personal injury.

Number 7.  Personally determine for yourself if the extended Club closing earlier this month actually resulted  in renovation or if management simply rented it out to the Moose Lodge for their annual convention.

Number 6.  If you come to our USGA party, Peter O’Brien might give you a table for the incredibly popular Winterfest afterwards.

Number 5.  If you’re not a golfer you’ll learn what the letters “USGA” mean from
fellow Club members who have done extensive research on the subject.

Number 4.  Chef Nick will be preparing some incredibly original and delicious
hors ‘d oeuvres and they are free. So are the drinks.

Number 3.  You’ll learn about how you might become a valued and highly sought after volunteer for important positions – at absolutely no cost to you – for the 2017 USGA Women’s State Team Championship to be hosted by our very own Club
from September 23-28.

Number 2.  You’ll be on the ground floor of figuring out how to “Adopt a State”
of your choosing.

And, finally, The Number 1 Reason You Should Come to Our USGA Party is. . .

Learning why this USGA event is one of the BIGGEST DEALS ever for the Club at Las Campanas!
Las Campanas Members RSVP today by calling the Member Services Desk at 505.995.3545.