Las Campanas Santa Fe, NM, Buying a Home

TRID rules kick in Oct 3rd.  Although learning new rules & procedures may appear daunting and sometimes time-consuming, the TILA & RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule (“TRID”) may be easier over-all for the consumer to understand.  Timing events within the mortgage transaction may be more onerous for the lender than for the Realtor.  In the beginning of this transition to TRID, you may want to plan for a 45-day closing from the time of purchase agreement acceptance.  However, I think we’ll be able to work ourselves back into the 30-day closing soon.  I’ve attached CFPB’s Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure Explanations.  If you want to do some more thorough research on the TRID procedure, just call me, or go to the CFPB website:  And, if at the walkthrough there is a missing appliance, the seller can correct the issue – without an additional 3-day disclosure delay.  Breathe a little easier.