Las Campanas Raw Water Pipeline

On Saturday, March 17, the Las Campanas Raw Water Pipeline was fully tested and over 475,000 gallons of water were successfully pumped from the Rio Grande to our golf course lakes at Las Campanas.  All key aspects of the system were tested and overall performance exceeded expectations.  Over the next few weeks we will be optimizing the system.
With the achievement of this milestone, we are now able to fully implement agreements made recently with the County of Santa Fe, Las Campanas Homeowners Water Coop, and Las Campanas Sewer Coop.  Approximately 90% of our golf course irrigation water will now be coming directly from the Rio Grande and almost 10% will be treated effluent produced by the Las Campanas Sewer Coop.  This will result in a significant improvement in water quality.
We believe that with the completion of this work we have secured our golf course irrigation water supply in perpetuity at Las Campanas, and achieved one of our highest priority strategic goals.  We appreciate the patience and support of our members during the almost two years it has taken to accomplish this goal. 
The Las Campanas Board of Directors