Las Campanas Paramedics Equipped to Perform Electrocardiogram

Emergency Medical Services in Las Campanas

When responding to an emergency 911 call in Las Campanas, the paramedics are now equipped to perform an electrocardiogram (ECG) on a patient. The patient’s ECG reading will be immediately transmitted electronically to St. Vincent’s emergency room and to the on-call cardiac physician simultaneously.  This transmission allows the hospital staff to receive and read the heart monitor readings and enables them to prepare for the patient long before the responding EMS team’s arrival. This procedure significantly decreases the time it takes to treat a heart attack patient, saving precious time and lives.

Recommended Emergency Procedures:

  • In the event of a medical emergency always call 911.
  • At the time the 911 call is made, the Las Campanas EMT’s will receive the call simultaneously and both will respond.  To avoid delays, you may want to carry your cell phone with you in the event that you experience a medical emergency (please comply with the established Club rules by turning your phone off until needed).
  • It is important you call 911 in any emergency–calling one of the other facilities may delay the response time and pertinent information may get excluded or passed on incorrectly.
  • When calling 911 from a cell phone, please keep in mind that with cell phone technology, various towers outside the county might intercept your call.  Therefore it is important when the call is answered that you request at once that a “Santa Fe County 911 service” be contacted.  Connection will be immediate.