Las Campanas Homeowners Association- Fire Info

With enormous wildfires raging in the nearby Jemez Mountains,  Las Campanas residents are urged to be extremely careful to prevent any possible fire in our community. Grills, outdoor fireplaces, cigarettes, torches or fireworks can quickly spark an out-of-control fire in our community within minutes.  Parents are urged to remind their children that all fireworks are completely prohibited in Las Campanas and to be especially careful themselves with any material that might trigger a blaze.

Stage III Fire Restrictions have been imposed in  parts of the Santa Fe National Forest.  Under Stage III fire restrictions, all areas of the Forest are restricted/off-limits to all use and access unless specifically listed as open. Open areas will remain under Stage II fire restrictions.

The Las Conchas fire continues to burn out of control with evacuations for Los Alamos and nearby towns. 

Fireworks Are Banned in Las Campanas
Fireworks are not permitted in any form in Las Campanas. The following Fireworks Policy was adopted by the Board of Directors in June, 2007. (The Club at Las Campanas has also canceled the Fireworks portion of their July 4th Extravaganza.)

Due to the likelihood of fire damage, injury and disturbance to the public peace caused by the discharge of illegal or legal fireworks, and the resultant harm to the safety and welfare of the entire Las Campanas Community, lot owners, lessees, guests and/or contractors/workers are precluded from setting off Fireworks, legal or illegal at any time or for any reason on a residential lot or any common area in Las Campanas.  With the drought conditions in New Mexico, adherence to this policy is critical by all.

Santa Fe County Fire Chief David Sperling is asking all Santa Fe residents to voluntarily avoid the use of any consumer fireworks throughout the county.  On Monday, July 4th, Santa Fe County command staff, fire prevention staff, regional crews and volunteers will be on duty and patrolling unincorporated areas of the county.

Remember…any spark can start a fire!
What Should You Do If You Encounter A Brush Fire?
Remember that La Tierra local fire station is staffed day and night.  One of the station’s main objectives is to serve the Las Campanas community. Anyone who encounters a brush fire in Las Campanas should immediately call 911 and then the gatehouse at (505) 820-6226 with the location of the fire. Time is of the essence…don’t delay in reporting a fire!
Meanwhile, the Las Campanas Owners Association and the Las Campanas Water and Sewer Cooperatives are working together during this very dry and windy fire season.  OMI, at the request of the Water and Sewer Cooperatives, is monitoring water levels in their tanks and expediting routine inspections of all fire hydrants and the fire booster pump.  Staff from the Owners Association met with the La Tierra Fire Station staff to discuss the seriousness of fire danger in the community.  The fire station is equipped with a tanker that holds 5,000 gallons of water, a brush truck that holds 1,000 gallons and a fire truck. The Owners Association also has a 500-gallon water tank filled and on standby in the event of a fire emergency. Helpful Suggestions:
Trim back vegetation from your home and walls, remove all dead trees, move wood piles away from any structures, and trim all trees up from the ground.  It was noted at a recent meeting, that some insurance carriers are requiring that such precautions be done prior to policy renewals– especially here in the Southwest where New Mexico is one of the driest states due to the lack of moisture this past winter and because of the excessive spring winds. Las Campanas residents should also make emergency evacuation plans and, if possible, have alternate ways of leaving their neighborhoods.  Take some time this week and drive all the roads in your Estate to see if there is another street that will take you to the exit gate.  Most everyone goes in one way and comes out the same way, without ever realizing that alternate routes are available. Be prepared if you need to leave your house with very little notice.  Know your neighborhood!  Air Quality Concerns:
Smoke from nearby fires can have a severe effect on air quality and residents are urged to take precautions. A recent update stated that winds will shift dramatically to the east over the next couple of days. With wind shifts, smoke from the Pacheco Fire will likely impact Santa Fe. 

“The wildfires burning in New Mexico can have a severe impact on air quality in several areas of the state, so I am urging everyone to take precautions,” said Department of Health Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Catherine Torres. “Poor air quality conditions associated with smoke are especially important for people with underlying health conditions such as asthma, emphysema, and cardiovascular disease. If symptoms associated with these conditions do not respond to the usual recommended medications, see a health care provider immediately.”