Las Campanas Golf- Updates on Two Items

Cart Path Update for the Courses at Las Campanas
The Golf Carts are allowed onto the fairways as of April 15. When entering the fairway for the Sunrise or Sunset Courses at Las Campanas, the cart shall remain in the fairway until you have hit your approach shot to the green. At this time, you should return to the cart path. Please keep carts 30 yards from the greens. All carts MUST remain out of the seeded re-vegetation areas and all native areas around the golf courses at Las Campanas. Please avoid driving carts on turf grass that has yet to emerge from dormancy. Thank you!
New Golf Policy at Las Campanas: Fivesomes
Fivesomes are allowed on the courses at the discretion of the Golf Shop at Las Campanas –  after 11 a.m. only!