Las Campanas Golf Update by Jason Epstein

The team and I are looking forward to the upcoming golf season at Las Campanas and have been busy here at The Club preparing for it. We’ll be sending out our annual Las Campanas Event Booklet on March 1st, and wanted to be sure you Las Campanas Golf Members were aware of a few new initiatives we’ll be rolling out this year in advance. They include:

•    The Ladies Lesson and Four Hole Program: Designed (but not limited to) beginning to intermediate players, Wednesday evenings will be a lot more fun here at The Club at Las Campanas . After golf, we’ll encourage everyone to stay and socialize over a glass (or two) of wine!

•    Our Couples Cup: The Couples Cup will be an ongoing weekly game this summer on Sundays. Compete each week for prizes, as well as a point system that rewards participation and success over the entire summer. Make your own foursome or we’ll pair you up!

•    The Men’s Golf League: This will be held on selected Monday’s during the year, dates to follow. We are strongly encouraging all Men to participate, we feel making this successful is very important to developing camaraderie amongst members and to engaging our new members. When touring prospects, the number one question I get is: “do you have a men’s day?”. Well, yes we do and we need you to play in it! In addition to the weekly games, we will run a summer long points contest with great prizes, and host an opening lunch and closing dinner. The team and I will be making every effort to make this a great success.

•    The Family Tee: The Club at Las Campanas will be installing a family tee later this spring designed to encourage junior play, to provide a place for beginners to enjoy the game from, and to allow some of our most senior players some often requested relief! Separate scorecards will be created and we hope to have the tees rated this summer.

•    Expanding Our Junior Program which kicks off May 1st and includes Sunday Clinics, a Tuesday/Thursday after school program, seven summer camp sessions and a Family Golf Fun Day later this summer!

•    Coaching opportunities with Matt Smith: divided up into two- six week sessions, Matt And the Professional Staff will hold open coaching sessions on Thursday afternoons that cover all areas of the game.  In addition, we will have an open “happy hour on the range” Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings where a member of the staff will be on hand to provide feedback and to answer questions. Look for a full list of programs and pricing in the booklet and on the website. Matt’s approach to the swing and improving every player on their level is going to be great for our membership and will lead to more enjoyment of the game!

Lastly, please join me in congratulating Tom Egelhoff and his team for their work on Sunrise this off season. I am excited to report that the gravel has been removed in favor of the DG/Crusher fine and that the areas targeted by Jack for minor improvement to the aesthetic look fantastic.

I look forward to sharing more details on these and the many other opportunities we have for you this summer in the weeks ahead, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to stop by over the next three Wednesday nights for Winter Fest! We’ll be hosting a “golf shop away from the golf shop” in the lobby where all items are buy one get one free.
Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you here at The Club.

With best wishes,

Jason Epstein, PGA
Director of Golf Operations