Las Campanas Golf Update

A message from Tom Egelhoff, Director of Agronomy
Due to recent monsoon storms in the area of the Las Conchas burn scar and ash run off into the Rio Grande, the B.D.D has shut down our raw water deliveries to the golf courses.  At least two of these events took place last Thursday and the plant has been shut down since then.  I anticipate the plant will go back on line in the next couple days.  As you go around the golf courses you will notice low pond levels on #14, #5 and #7.  During this time of shut down we have the opportunity to move water in and out of ponds and replace it with river water when the plant is back up.  We are prepared to receive water 24 hours a day to fill back up.   The weather has been helping during this period with some rain and higher humidity which has reduced our irrigation needs.  We have  water conservation measures in place for such events and everything possible is being done to conserve and stretch our stored water supply as far as possible.  As new information becomes available you will be updated on our status.