Las Campanas Golf Course Water Update



We would like to bring you up to date on a couple of situations we are currently dealing with concerning the Las Campanas golf course irrigation water and the associated ponds:

1.    A significant number of Cottonwood trees have been removed from the vicinity of the ponds on 5 Sunset, 11 and 12 Sunrise. These trees had established themselves during the past years and had gotten to the point where we were concerned that they posed a risk to the integrity of the synthetic liners that keep the water contained within the ponds. Damage to the liners would lead to water loss and would be very expensive to fix. The trees have been cut down and over the remainder of this year we will be treating the remaining stumps to assure that they do not return.

2.    Due to a combination of low flows in the Rio Grande (a result of light snowfalls during the past couple of years), frequent monsoon related thundershowers and flash floods, we have been unable to receive water from the BDD for the past two weeks. We have initiated water conservation measures in order to prolong the amount of time the reserves in our ponds will last. You may notice that most pond levels have fallen during this time. We are moving water around the system to make sure we have adequate volumes where needed. As the monsoon subsides later this month, we should be able to return to more normal pond levels. We are also actively working with the County of Santa Fe to establish a reliable backup water supply for situations like the one we are currently experiencing.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tom Egelhoff, Director of Las Campanas Agronomy and Golf Course Maintenance at or Mark Silbert, Chairman of the  Las Campanas Golf Committee and the Las Campanas  Water Committee at