Las Campanas Golf Course Refurbishment

As many of you have witnessed over the past few months, we have made significant progress on our standardization/course refurbishment project at Las Campanas. To date, the front loop on Sunset has been completed and the maintenance staff is wrapping up work on the back loop which is scheduled to be finished near month’s end. The look of the course has been significantly enhanced and we have identified and begun renovating high priority bunkers.
Those of you who haven’t been to the Club at Las Campanas in the past few weeks are in for a pleasant surprise. Equally as impressive are the courses condition, this winter’s weather could not have been better.
Given the progress of our work, the conditions of the course and our weather forecast, we have decided to move up our aerification of Sunset by one week; it will begin April 23rd and end April 26th. During this period, only the 18 holes on Sunrise will be available. Once the Aerification has been completed, the front loop on Sunset will re open, and the back loop will open immediately upon completion of our refurbishment project.
We have also determined that it would be prudent to continue our refurbishment project to include the area around the Clubhouse and on to the front nine of Sunrise in early May. While this will result in only 27 holes being available for the better part of May, the impact we feel this project will make is well worth the closure. We will make a decision on the back nine of Sunrise as work progresses and we have a more clear picture of the timing.
There is so much to look forward to this golf season at Las Campanas, and nothing could be more exciting than the condition and look of our courses. As those of you returning to Santa Fe will soon see, Tom Egelhoff and his team have done a tremendous job this off-season, if you can call it an off-season.
If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the work above please let me know.
With best wishes,

Jason Epstein, PGA
Director of Golf
The Club at Las Campanas