Las Campanas- Golf Course Irrigation Update

As communicated previously, Las Campanas continues to work closely with representatives of Santa Fe County as well as the City of Santa Fe to resolve outstanding issues concerning golf course irrigation water.  Based on recent meetings, we remain cautiously optimistic that these issues will be resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner.
The article in today’s Albuquerque Journal North is a substantially accurate account of the August 1 meeting of the Public Utilities Committee of the City Council.
Though not included in the article, we wanted you to know that the Club at Las Campanas representatives at the meeting presented  a list of the conservation measures taken by the Club at Las Campanas including:
• significant reduction in turf grass;
• efficiency upgrades to numerous aspects of our irrigation system; and,
• use of state-of-the-art turf grass management practices.

These measures have resulted in a 22% reduction in irrigation water demand.  Additionally, during the shutdown of the Buckman Direct Diversion, we have taken short-term measures to further reduce water usage.
The County continues to honor its obligation to provide us with water from both the Buckman Direct Diversion and the Buckman well field.  We will continue to keep you informed.

David Loan, CCM