Las Campanas Golf and the Lightening Policy

With the increased occurrence of lightning delays upon us, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of  The Club at Las Campanas’s lightning policy. Lightning is extremely dangerous and must be respected. Lightning strikes which are well outward of an approaching storm can be deadly.

It is The Club’s stated policy that when the lightning alarm is activated, the course is closed. All play must cease immediately and you must seek shelter. Lightning safe shelters include the Las Campanas Hacienda,  Las Campanas Golf Performance Center,  Las Campanas Course Restrooms and Las Campanas Cart Barn.

We have attached the official policy and encourage you to read it thoroughly. Please visit or to learn more about lightning safety and its importance. Flagrant violations of this policy will be treated seriously and could lead to suspension of golf privileges.

Thank you for your safety and support in advance,

Jason Epstein, PGA

Las Campanas Golf Professional