Las Campanas Golf

Your golf professional at The Club at Las Campanas has sent you the following:

In conjunction with feedback from Nicklaus design, the agronomy team will be removing most of the posts and ropes from the course over the next few days. These ropes and posts were designed to assist with cart traffic and play patterns; to date, we feel our standards for both have been clearly defined. The posts that remain will protect worn areas and assist with traffic dispersion as needed. We will be adding cart traffic directional signage (which is consistent with the look and material of our current course furnishings) prior to next season to assist as necessary. This will provide the clean aesthetic look that Jack and his team encouraged us to pursue.


As a part of this process, we’ll look to our members to strictly follow our posted guidelines for cart usage which can be found on pages 8 and 9 of the House Rules. Of those guidelines, I’d like to remind everyone of the following few that The Golf Committee has identified as key to this decision.


Ø  Carts may enter and exit the fairway either on turf (where applicable) or by use of the entry/exit paths when turf is not present. Once in the fairway it is expected that the cart will remain in the fairway as opposed to the blue grass rough.

Ø  A small brown post adjacent to the fairway designates the cart exit point for all traffic. Carts should not pass this point at any time during the play of a hole and must exit on turf, prior to passing the post. 

Ø  Carts are never allowed in the desert, on the walking paths, in arroyos (with the exception of #16 SS), in gravel beds, or re-vegetation areas.

Ø  Carts must remain on the paths at all times on Par 3’s.

Ø  Carts are never allowed closer than 30 yards from the green.


Ensuring you and your group adhere to the Club’s expectation regarding cart usage will go a long way in furthering everyone’s enjoyment of the game. We’ll make sure your reminded prior to play and through email from time to time as well. If you have any questions or need further clarification we are here to help! These posted guidelines will be enforced by the golf staff at The Golf Committee’s request.


Thank you all for your continued support.


With best wishes,


Jason Epstein, PGA

Golf Professional

The Club at Las Campanas