Las Campanas General Manager Announcement

December 12, 2011
 Dear Member:                                                                                   
When I arrived at The Club at Las Campanas in October of 2009, I planned on staying for only a few months until the search for a General Manager was completed.  However, as I acquired a better understanding of the management needs of The Club at Las Campanas, I asked to be included as a candidate.  I believed I had the skills and experience to help The Club at Las Campanas accomplish its goals in successfully transitioning to member-owned status.  Looking back, I think a great deal has been accomplished, and I want to thank the more than 100 member-volunteers and 200 loyal employees who have partnered with me in this endeavor.
Now, more than two years later, the issues associated with a difficult transition have been resolved and The Club at Las Campanas is in a position to address the normal day-to-day issues of any club. Because of that, I believe this is the perfect time to transition to a General Manager who will help lead The Club at Las Campanas in the years ahead. A search committee — chaired by Mac McDonald and consisting of Lawrence Becerra, Sam Haas, Win Priem, and Janet Silverman — has been appointed and will begin the search process immediately. At the request of the Board, I have agreed to serve as a consultant to this committee.  I will also be assisted by a club executive-specific search specialist.  I am confident that, because of the growing positive reputation that Las Campanas enjoys, we will not have any difficulty in finding several top-notch candidates for the position.  Our goal is to have the position filled by April of 2012.  I will continue to be available as needed to assure a smooth transition.
I have truly enjoyed managing The Club at Las Campanas through its transition to member ownership, and I now look forward to the challenge of assisting another club in a similar situation.  This is an exciting time for both me and for The Club at Las Campanas.   Colleen and I will certainly miss the many friends we have made over these past two years and want to extend our continued best wishes to them and to The Club at Las Campanas.
Jim Muldowney
General Manager & COO

Because Jim has done a commendable job during a very challenging period, accepting his decision was difficult but ultimately will benefit both him and The Club at Las Campanas.  Please contact either of us if you have any questions or comments.
Phil George
President of the Board