Las Campanas Fitness and Tennis Committee

On Monday, January 28, the Las Campanas Fitness and Tennis Committee held one of its regularly scheduled meetings.  At that meeting a number of Las Campanas members attended to express their concerns with respect to our fitness trainer contracts. Our current operation heavily relies on the dedication of independent contractors to support the ongoing fitness goals of our members.

During our budgeting process we created assumptions that would standardize our commission structure for independent contractors. We looked at industry standards, explored like club environments, and researched the local market when considering the best structure to implement. Realizing we wanted to have an opportunity to engage the highest quality professionals, we agreed on a rate structure that is in the top end for the industry and the Santa Fe market, and allows us the opportunity to obtain and retain the highest qualified individuals.

This structure, although consistent with the general approach in place since 2008, creates a change to some of our fitness professional’s compensation and we have started to communicate the changes to them.

Our current suggested rates for fitness training by independent contractors are $70 per hour, with discounted packages if members find it easier to manage and more convenient.

As independent contractors, the trainers have the opportunity to charge rates above these suggested values if their experience and qualifications demand. We are hopeful that our entire independent contractor team will continue to support our community’s health and wellness by staying, either by continuing on the path with our suggested rates or by working with us to develop a rate that they feel supports their experience, qualifications and expertise.

We appreciate all of the input we have received in the past few weeks and have considered all of the comments, suggestions and ideas, while balancing the needs of all members. We will continue to work hard to ensure that we continue to create an environment that provides the community the greatest opportunity to have high-quality fitness programming and a first class environment.

David Loan, General Manager/COO
Todd Shaw, Fitness & Tennis Director
Joe Colvin, Chair
Alan Becker
Diane Doniger
Judy Sauer
Marj Raymond
Ginny Selvin