Las Campanas Committee Chairs- Letter From the President of The Club

Dear Las Campanas Member:
As the Chair/President of the Board of Directors at Las Campanas, I would like to announce the committee chairs for the upcoming year at Las Campanas. Committees exist to help the Board be effective and efficient. They speak to the Board and not for the Board. Committees are advisory only and do not exercise authority over the Club at Las Campanas or its staff.
Standing Board Committees at Las Campanas
Finance – Chaired by Jim Wells
Governance – Chaired by Beth Moise
Legal – Chaired by Sam Haas
Membership – Chaired by Sam Haas
Risk Management – Chaired by Lawrence Becerra
Members’ Committees at Las Campanas 
The Members’ Committees exist primarily to assist the General Manager.
Equestrian – Chaired by Lawrence Becerra
Family – Chaired by Don Kirby (liaison Jim Muldowney)
Fitness and Tennis – Chaired by Bob Busch
Golf and Agronomy – Chaired by Pat Crooks
House (food & activities) – Chaired by Ed Tinsley
Member Communications – Chaired by Jim Griffith
Membership Acquisition Initiative – Co-Chaired by Greg Flanagan, Jim Griffith, Sam Haas, Janet Silverman
On behalf of the Club at Las Campanas, I would like to thank all of these individuals for their continued dedication and hard work.
Phil George
Club President