Las Campanas Board Meeting of February 25, 2013

Meeting of February 25, 2013

Open Session:

Las Campanas General Manager David Loan gave his customary State of The Club Report (posted on The Club website under the “Resources” tab, and “Meeting Presentations” sub-tab). Highlights included a strong financial performance for January, including especially good crowds in the restaurant, and continued strong membership growth. David also commented on the searches underway for a new Food & Beverage Director, and a new Restaurant Manager to work under the Las Campanas Food & Beverage Director, and indicated searches were well along and new hires were expected to be made in the reasonably near future.

As part of his report, David pointed out that one of Las Campanas’ stated core values is: “Our Management and Members Treat Our Employees with Respect”. He noted that there had been some recent incidents where members had acted in ways inconsistent with that core value, and stated that disrespect towards employees was unacceptable. Board President Sam Haas commented that the Board takes respect for our employees very seriously. The matter was also discussed in the closed session and the Board reaffirmed its commitment to this core value, and that disciplinary action would be appropriate for failures to abide by it.

Charlie Nylander from the Las Campanas Membership Committee discussed the start up of a Las Campanas New Member Orientation initiative. The member survey identified this as an area needing substantial improvement, and it was also the intuitive sense of a number of people including the Las Campanas Membership Committee, that new members were not being properly and effectively welcomed into The Club at Las Campanas. The plan is to have a system in place where existing members and staff personally interface with each new member and integrate them into The Club’s activities and The Club family. Volunteers are needed, so if you would like to help contact Charlie.

In his Treasurer’s report, Bob Busch mentioned that the Board would be discussing a policy which is designed to encourage habitual late payers to become more current.  In the closed session the Board approved the following:  “Members suspended for exceeding 90 days without payment will be required to pay all outstanding amounts including any accrued dues before they will be reinstated. Upon reinstatement members will be in a “probationary” period for one year.  During this probationary year a late payment beyond 45 days will result in immediate suspension. The probationary period can be avoided by setting up an ACH or credit-card payment plan.” The Board noted that while this policy will be needed infrequently, it is incumbent on the Board to protect the vast majority of members that are very responsible and keep their accounts current.

Closed Session:

The 2013 Strategic Plan was presented by Strategic Planning Committee Chair Bob Busch and General Manager David Loan, it will be posted on The Club website under the “Resources” tab. Although many matters were discussed, no other significant actions beyond those already mentioned in this report were taken at this time.



Sam Haas
President of the Board