Las Campanas Board Gives Update

On November 12 & 13, your Board held a very successful Board Retreat, followed by a Board business meeting.

There was discussion of a wide range of subjects including membership, governance, and strategic planning; all of which will need further follow-up through the committee process.  We anticipate that there will be some updates and changes to the Las Campanas Club’s Strategic Plan and the revised document will be posted on the Las Campanas website when the changes are finalized. The Membership Town Hall sessions coming up next month will give everyone an opportunity to see the work the Las Campanas Membership Committee and the Board have accomplished thus far. All discussions were thoughtful, positive and productive, and the Board, GM and our staff are united in moving The Club forward together.

The Las Campanas 2013 budget was unanimously approved.  Kudos to our GM, David Loan, and our Controller, Jennifer Sakshaug, for preparing an excellent product (they also gave credit to the staff directors for their work). The Finance Committee spent many hours reviewing the budget materials before submission to the Board. Several Board members commented that this was the best, most thorough budget process and product they had seen during their board tenure.

The budget calls for a dues increase of $75.00 per month for full-dues members and $37.50 per month for half-dues members. 100% of this increase will be used to fund an ongoing capital reserve, as well as pay for necessary capital improvements next year.  Some of the essential maintenance items scheduled for next year are the roof repair at the Las Campanas Fitness Center, a flood drain at the Las Campanas Equestrian Center, and replacement of 20-year-old irrigation pump motors.  In a very real sense, this dues increase is an investment in your Club. With the exception of a small increase in two equestrian fees (boarding fees are being increased by $25.00), all other fees, including the dining minimum, remain unchanged.

David Loan will discuss the budget in more detail as part of his GM report during the open session of the December 14 Board meeting.

The Board received initial feedback from the Member Survey. Overall, survey results appeared positive in nature but we do want a better understanding of specifics in a few areas.  We have requested additional information from the survey company and can better comment on the survey once that data is provided.

The Las Campanas Board also got a report on water matters and there has been positive progress on several fronts, especially with regard to the operational issues with the Buckman Direct Diversion that plagued us last summer. There is nothing particular to announce at this time, but all parties appear to be working positively toward resolving any outstanding issues.

The Santa Fe Concorso organizers have indicated that they were very pleased with The Club at Las Campanas as the venue for their show and would like to hold it here again next year. The Board has approved inviting them to return. As with any large undertaking, details will have to be worked out but the Board is excited to again welcome this group which includes a number of members.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Friday December 14 at 1PM in the Event Room and don’t forget that the Membership Town Hall sessions are scheduled for Monday December 17.

Sam Haas
President of the Board


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