Las Campanas Annual Update


• In 2011, Las Campanas membership dues and related revenue was $540,687 less than in 2010, this was primarily due to step downs.
• 2011 golf operations expenses were up slightly from 2010, due to transition expenses related to hiring our new Director of Golf.
• Golf course maintenance expenses were higher in 2011 than in 2010, mainly due to additional water expense because of the extremely dry conditions in 2011.
• Food and beverage loss was greater in 2011 than in 2010.  Although we began to reign in goods and labor costs, we purchased a large amount of one-time restaurant supplies (front and back of the house) that were deferred from previous years.
• The net Equestrian expenditure was significantly less in 2011 than in 2010, due to the enactment of greater efficiencies at the barn.


• 2011 facilities maintenance expense improved significantly when compared to 2010.  Implementing a culture of charging the maintenance expense to each individual department in combination with a staffing change resulted in greater efficiencies within the department.
• Clubhouse and administrative expenditures were greater in 2010 than in 2011.  There were many expenses connected with the 2010 turnover of the Club’s assets (legal, consultants, etc.) that were not incurred in 2011.

Capital Expenditures

As in 2010, we committed a significant amount to upgrade the facilities.  This was partially due to catch up on deferred capital expenditures prior to 2010.  We feel that these efforts have improved the overall member experience in every area of the club.
• Golf Course Grounds – we completed the project to replace every sprinkler head on both golf courses and the practice park with more efficient units.
• Food and Beverage – we renovated the main kitchen by replacing the floor, ceiling and lighting systems.  We replaced select pieces of equipment with more energy efficient models.  We also rearranged some of the equipment to improve workflow and increase efficiency.  We installed a sliding window system on three sides of the Torreon Portal that enabled a secure dining area that doubled our dining capacity.
• Hacienda Clubhouse – we re-stuccoed the building and repaired the cracks and slurried the parking lot.  We re-upholstered most of the furniture in the Grill and Lounge and installed new window treatments.
• Fitness and Tennis – we resurfaced the indoor pool and decking, as well as painted the space and installed attractive plants.  We replaced outdated equipment in the gym.
• Information Technology – we replaced an obsolete server.
• Raw Water Pipeline – we brought on an engineering firm that developed the plans and schematics for the pipeline.  Two contracts were awarded and construction commenced in the third quarter.
Other accomplishments during the fourth quarter of 2011:
• The staff developed (and the Finance Committee and Board approved) a balanced budget for 2012 that, once again, is conservative with the membership projections.  This budget contains a reduction on capital expenditures compared to the previous two years, with the goal of continuing to build the Club’s cash reserves.
• The Las Campanas Board conducted a retreat in October and developed a revised Strategic Plan for 2012.  This is featured on the member’s section of the Club  at Las Campanaswebsite.
• We completed the process of hiring Fitness and Tennis Director Todd Shaw, Food and Beverage Director Eric French and Director of Human Resources Olga Santamaria.   We also promoted Jennifer Sakshaug, our Assistant Controller, to the position of Controller.  All four of these individuals have already had a positive impact in their respective area of expertise.
• We secured water contracts for the foreseeable future and we resolved the details of the agreements with the county of Santa Fe and the Las Campanas Water and Sewer Co-ops.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteer members of the Las Campanas Board and committees and the dedicated members of the staff.  Without their efforts, none of this would be possible. As always, we appreciate your support, your active participation in club activities and your suggestions that lead to continued improvement of your Club at Las Campanas.
James K. Muldowney, General Manager Las Campanas

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