Introducing The Las Campanas Membership Outreach Manager


It is my pleasure to introduce Patti Loan as the Membership Outreach Manager. Patti came onboard as a contract employee on May 15th to assist me in membership recruitment efforts. Patti’s background is uniquely suited to private club membership sales having been a membership director at private clubs in Michigan and South Carolina. Prior to becoming a membership director, Patti worked as a Tournament Manager of Administration on two LPGA events in Canada and the 2002 US Amateur Championship and the 2004 Ryder Cup Matches both at the prestigious Oakland Hills Country Club in Michigan.

We all realize our best resource for new member referrals at Las Campanas is our existing members; therefore, Patti will be reaching out to each of you for prospective member recommendations.  With so many recent achievements at The Club  at Las Campanas such as the successful transition from developer-owned to member-owned and the resolution of adequate water supply, we have great news to share.  Patti’s focus will include relationship building with local Realtors, Santa Fe professionals and extend to outlying regions identified as our target markets.

Patti offices next to the Concierge Desk at Las Campanas, so please stop by and introduce yourself the next time you’re at The Club. You will most likely see her touring The Club at Las Campanas with potential members, too, so feel free to extend a warm greeting to our next newest members.  I am excited to have Patti as part of the team and am confident we will have an outstanding summer.
Pamela Franco