How To Board A Horse at Las Campanas Equestrian Center

If you do not have a Las Campanas membership, here is what you have to do to board a horse:
The Equestrian Center at Las Campanas has a program called  “SELA”- Special Equestrian Licensing Agreement”. You pay $11,550 to get a stall and then pay $700 per month for room, board, turn out (3 to 4 hours a day), blanketing. This program used to be called “Equestrian Residency Privilege” with the letters “ERP”. If you buy a stall through this program, when you are ready to sell, you list it through the Club at Las Campanas and the Club takes a small percentage of the $11,500 when it sells. For more info you can call the Las Campanas Equestrian Center 505-995-8700.
You must be a Las Campanas member to rent a horse.