Guest Use Fees At Las campanas

The Las Campanas Board has approved, but not yet implemented, an initiative that we believe will create value-added benefits for each of our Las Campanas membership categories by waiving – under certain circumstances – guest-use fees for the lineal family of Members. “Lineal family” consists of Members’ parents, children and grandchildren.
Our action does not create a new type of membership, contrary to some inaccurate rumors going around. It simply provides for the waiver of guest-use fees for specific family members and under specific circumstances. Similar plans have been adopted at several other leading clubs, and they have proven successful in terms of enhancing the benefits of membership, assisting in the recruitment of new members and generating incremental club revenues.
Our initiative will not be implemented, however, until spring of 2012.  This will allow time for a thorough and comprehensive review of our existing House Rules and Membership Rules/Policies to ensure that restrictions on the use of various Club amenities by any type of guest are understandable, equitable and enforceable.  These restrictions include the number of times use is permitted for accompanied and unaccompanied guests and for family members, as well as mileage and other limitations that may apply.
After we’ve identified the rules and policies that we believe should be modified, the proposed changes will be reviewed with the committees that currently advise the Board on specific amenities and programs, e.g., Golf Committee, Family Committee, Fitness/Tennis Committee, etc.
The delay in implementation also will enable us to ensure that we have systems and processes in place to accurately track the use of Club amenities by specific types of guests, specific membership categories and specific member. This will help ensure that our policies and rules are equitably enforced and that guest-use privileges are not abused.
If you have any suggestions regarding changes that you believe should be made to any of our current policies and rules, please contact one of our Board members.
Phil George
Board President