Electronic Recycling at Las Campanas

ELECTRONIC RECYCLING Collection of electronics for recycling that was held Wednesday (yesterday 2/29) was very successful.  Based on the success of this service to the owners, we will schedule another collection day in the near future.  The box is full, so please do not drop off any more electronics until we provide the next scheduled “drop off” date.   Some of you asked about data destruction when you dropped off your computers, etc.  Albuquerque Recycling Inc. ensures that all electronic data on functional storage devices will be overwritten by means of Secure Erase (SE).  Secure Erase is a positive data destroy command, amounting to “electronic data shredding.”  It completely erases all possible user data areas by overwriting, including the so-called g-lists that contain data in reallocated disk sectors (sectors that the drive no longer uses because they have hard errors in them).  Secure Erase has been approved by the U.S. National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), Computer Security Center and is the latest technology available for destroying sensitive information stored on hard drives.   Thank you. Las Campanas Owners Association