Are You Considering A Short Term Rental Of Your Property in Las Campanas?

With recent inquiries by owners regarding the rules governing the short-term rental of homes in Las Campanas, the Las Campanas Owners Association Board of Directors adopted a policy at the January 25th, 2012 regular board meeting that outlines and clarifies short-term rental guidelines for the community.

As a reminder, if you are renting your home out in Las Campanas, please notify your tenants that they must follow the rules of the community.

The Association also requires a copy of the lease agreement when leasing your home long-term. This leasing information is noted in the owner’s file, which is provided to security and paramedics in the event of an emergency at the home. It is important for management to maintain an accurate database for access devices, including those given to short-term tenants. If your tenant moves out without returning the gate access devices provided by you, please call the association office so all codes for those devices can be deleted.