15 Rabbitbrush Road - $1,545,000 11 Cloudstone Drive South - $1,385,000 5 Tecolote Circle - $1,375,000 8 Santo Domingo Circle - $1,245,000 21 Bishops Dome Road - $1,095,000 9 E Golden Eagle Road - $295,000

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The 2016 Cars of Las Campanas Event

“Beep, Beep!”
The Call For Entries for
Roadrunner 2016

The Las Campanas Community Fund will host its Fifth Annual “Cars of Las Campanas” show on September 1 at the Club. Once again, we will feature the interesting, funky, downright sublime cars that Las Campanas Club Members drive. Read More…

Market Update Santa Fe Las Campanas- Week of July 11, 2016

QUOTE OF THE WEEK… “Include me out.” –Samuel Goldwyn, American film producer

INFO THAT HITS US WHERE WE LIVE … A couple of weeks ago, the majority of British voters echoed the movie mogul’s famous malapropism in their message to the European Union. After this Brexit (British exit) vote, we’ve seen dramatic ups and downs in the financial markets, but the economic sky has not fallen as was predicted by Chicken Littles here and in the U.K. Read More…