Kim Dressel

Crafting Homes out of Dreams and Wishes

In 1982, Kim and Valerie Dressel founded Dressel Construction Co. By 2004, Dressel Construction had built more than 150 custom homes in the Santa Fe area. The company is a “Design Build Team” specializing in fine custom homebuilding as well as designing and building custom “spec” homes. They use only the finest materials and craftsmen available and are committed to the highest levels of architectural integrity.

Kim Dressel is well-known for his dedication to his customer’s dreams and the homes they are building together. He is a “hands on” builder who oversees each project personally. In this way, he ensures that the architectural vision is executed down to the last detail.

Dressel Construction has built a reputation throughout the Santa Fe area for its unwavering commitment to quality, artistic creativity and for honoring the wishes of its customers. Years of dedication to their craft have earned Kim and Valerie a superlative standing in the custom homebuilding field.