Bryan Marsh

A Husband and Wife Build Balance and Harmony

Bryan and Carole Marsh have a strong sense of what attracts people to Santa Fe. Having themselves relocated to the area over 17 years ago, they understand the passionate desire people have to build a home that reflects the enchanting lifestyle and building techniques that are entirely unique to Northern New Mexico.

“People want to experience a great deal when they journey to Santa Fe. They want to immerse their senses into the culture and landscape. The historic roots of the area hold special appeal. We blend traditional New Mexico designs with Old World European elements of style and architecture,” states Bryan.

As a couple, they uniquely deliver the male and female perspective to each custom home. Designing homes that exude warmth, charm and light—the characteristics that invite the Santa Fe experience to play itself out—is their foremost charge. Deciding to build a home in Santa Fe is only the first step, according to the Marshes. The second is achieving the yin and the yang, the balance, the harmony. The Marshes have done this successfully for more than 25 years.

Within Las Campanas, Bryan and Carol have collaborated on 6 homes and won 7 awards from Santa Fe Builders Assoc. for their achievements.