Las Campanas Security

Las Campanas Security Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Association provides a roving patrol and an officer at the Gatehouse 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, there is a licensed EMT-P (paramedic) or EMT-I (intermediate) on duty 24/7 to assist Las Campanas residents and members in the event of an emergency.

If you would like the Roving Patrol to patrol your property while you are away, please fill out the “Vacation Form” and return it to the Gatehouse.  You may also drop the completed form off at the Gatehouse or you can e-mail the form to or fax it to (505) 820-6852.  When notified of an absence, Security will check the exterior of your property daily. He/she will report anything unusual to your contact person or call 911, whichever is appropriate. As with all other patrol functions, this is an “observe and report” service.

A 24 hour gated community, Las Campanas is organized into small neighborhoods or estate areas. Each has a security gate that is closed with access for members and their guests provided by remote control or card. Trained security man the main gatehouse on Clubhouse Drive at all times and patrols the neighborhoods around the clock. You can request extra monitoring while you away. A valuable part of the security personnel force is the paramedics who are available at a moments notice.