Las Campanas Clubhouse Activities

Las Campanas Clubhouse Activities Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Club at Las Campanas provides a wide assortment of well conceived and executed special events and programs that enhance the club experience. These special activities are a way for members to continue their lifelong learning, leverage the resources that Santa Fe has to offer, create lasting memories with their families and friends and extend their social circles.

Perhaps the most cherished elements of the Hacienda Clubhouse are the memorable experiences members create here with their families, friends and neighbors. The Clubhouse is a central feature of members lives because of its unique ability to be whatever members need for for activities great and small.

In late February and early March we will be planning this year’s vegetable crops for the garden at the Clubhouse and installing two bees hives down by the Sunset Shop.  Both of the projects are part of our work with the Audubon International Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses of which we are presently completing the requirements for certification.